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Established 1979
Free! Fortnightly! Fun!
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These are the back issues of Red Rag. They'll be posted here every (usually) two weeks on or around the anniversary of their original publication. We're currently reissuing 1983; the latest issue is dated November 13th (scan / txt); the next one is due out on the 27th.

Red Rag, or Reading's only newspaper, had a noble tradition of misspelling, mixed metaphors, wrong facts, confused political judgements and a print run by now of 1300. It printed pretty well everything it got sent ("unless the Collective judged it racist, sexist, right wing, or supportive of oppressive religions"). It aimed to provide a decent alternative coverage of local news and issues from a radical non-aligned position; to promote subversive and creative initiatives; to provide a forum for unorthodox views; to allow some sort of co-existence between a huge variety of interests. And in four years it had never sold a single copy.

The Bad Days will end. But there's little evidence of that in this issue (scan / txt): the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill, including powers to detain without charge for as long as 36 hours, receives its second reading in the Commons; America invades Grenada; the Borough Council is losing thousands of pounds on each house sale; Red Rag is in debt; the surprise soup at Veggie Dining is no longer a surprise; and the heating's off at Acorn.

What we must aim at is to fail clearly each time, over and over.