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Red Rag Reunion

Red Rag, Reading's self styled only newspaper, held a reunion on Saturday 10th January 2015 at the Rising Sun Arts Centre, 30 Silver St., Reading. This event was open to all interested in the Rag and the Radical History of Reading.

We had: displays of the complete paper and online archive of Red Rag and related material (pamphlets, posters, booklets, badges, music cassettes etc.); talks on the history of the Rag, how it came into being, how it was produced, the cultural and political history of 1980's Reading; time to remember deceased comrades who contributed to Red Rag.

Here are the notes from which most of the speakers worked, in the original Word format (what posessed us?) and in plain text:
  • Christine Borgars / History Repeats Itself: doc / txt
  • John Hoggett / The Broader Context: doc / txt
  • Kathy Tytler's poem Ebbw Vale from the mountain; A Very Steep Drop: doc / txt
  • Nick Levine / Red Rag's Heydays: doc / txt
  • Nick Levine / Reissuing Red Rag: doc / txt
  • Liz Swain / Alternative Reading in the 80s: doc / txt

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